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Whatsapp Marketing-For small scale industry people

Whats app marketing , you may have hear this word a thousand times. But may didn’t get the exact idea of it. Now a day every body talking about social marketing, whatsapp marketing, digital marketing. To me personally the words seems loud, heavy. The main marketing talkties some manipulating companies using, they present the simple things in complex way, so you afraid and don’t want to take a chance and sign their contract as you feel the are the professionals in that field.

After interracting with some digital marketing service providers i came to the above conclusion. So rolled my sleves and decided to give it a try to Whatsapp Marketing. Its worked for me to get 100+ orders. So i thought this may be helpful some one who is also searching gor “Whatsapp Marketing” with zero inverstment.

Whatsapp Marketing for small business

This is a 5 very simple, if you have minimum knowledge on accessing the windows applications you can do it yourself.

The 5 step process Whatsapp Marketing:

1.Split contacts and convert csv to vcf

2.Importing Vcf file and Exporting Whatsapp Contacts Project

3 Merging all Vcf files to prepare final csv contact list

4.Creating 225 Contacts for Group to make it easy to create Whatsapp Group

5.Creating Groups in Whatsapp with imported contacts

Step1:-Split contacts and convert csv to vcf

I assume you already have a list of target customer contacts on your list(an excel or csv file). In this step we see splitting the long list of contacts to small chencks.

Step2:-Importing Vcf file and Exporting Whatsapp Contacts Project

Here we try to filter the whatsapp contacts only. In the above step we splitted all our contacts to small checnks. We don’t have any idea out of these small checks how many are using whatsapp. Suppose if we have imported 1000 contacts to our phone book. Out of the 1000 there may be only 350 people may be using whatsapp. So we have to filter out these 350 contacts to separate file. By rinse and repeating this process, finally we have our target list of whatsapp cutomer list, which will be used to create groups later.

Step 3: Merging all Vcf files to prepare final csv contact list

After exporting all whatsapp contacts Merge the vcfs to make single and final vcf file which converted to csv. Using Contact Converter we can import all vcf files and convert them to an exportable csv file format.

Formula Used in Excel  in the above video:

Step 4:-Creating 225 Contacts for Group to make it easy to create Whatsapp Group

After importing the Single csv file with only whatsapp contacts we need to add a blank row after certain number of contacts say, a blank for for every 225 contacts, so we can add a unique easy identifiable letter to all contacts as prefix, so we can group the contacts easily. For this we used an excel macro

Excel Macro to insert Blank Row:


Sub InsertRowEveryXrows()

Dim rw As Long
Dim lr As Long
Dim cnt As Long
lr = Range(“A” & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
rw = 1
cnt = 1
    If cnt = 10 Then
        Rows(rw).Insert Shift:=xlDown
        cnt = 1
        cnt = cnt + 1
    End If
    rw = rw + 1
Loop While rw <> lr
End Sub

Step 5:-Creating Groups in Whatsapp with imported contacts

Once all contacts imported, we can create whatsapp groups easily. After creating groups its upto you to keep the contacts in phone book or delete them. But once you created the group you can communicate with the group members and share your deals, ideas and offers.

Make sure atleast the group members identify your business by your business name or with your name, so they won’t exit from the group. Dont post useless posts into group.

It is proven that if you post any discount codes or offers which has an expiry date and time…70% the experiment proven suessful, ending the customers drive to the stores to utilize the exclusive offer provided to the group by group admin, who is nothing but group admin.

Hope this experimental information and tutorial about Whatapp marketing (Which i used for my business) is useful for some small scale industry people. If you think this information is useful to anybody consider sharing it in your social networks. Thanks.

Useful Resources/Softwares used in above videos:

Windows Softwares i used in this tutorials:

Excel Plugin ASAP Utilities=$49

Contact Converter  (Free)

CSV to vCard Converter (Free)

Android App-UMC! Uats My Contacts:

Android App-Contact Remover


Excel Macro to insert Blank Row:


Please share your thoghts in comments.