Youtube Earning Concepts-Current Affairs in regional Languages

By | April 25, 2017


This is the product about “How to create Youtube Videos“- even if you are not a professioal in Photoshop or even if you don’t know about video editing.

How to Earn Money From YouTube in Telugu

Everybody knows there is money in Bloggling, we get paid from Google Adsense Program by launching a blogger or worpdress blog and writing some articles about our knowledge on a specific topic. After many people understood, just with a little knowledge in english and with some writing skills we can make some bucks online, everybody jumped to adsense madness., to make money online. So time being the competition grown in blogging then these experieneced bloggers looked for another ways and find out “Youtube Mine“, and figured out youtube is the secured, less competitive, money making machine.

Because to create youtube videos you must have knowledge over


-Video Editing

-Script Writing

It is rare that many people doesn’t have all the above required skills, means its less competitive.

Being less competitive youtube has other advantages too:

-Youtube will pay you per impression not for click

-Youtube is the second most search engine on internet

The total combined  searches of Yahoo, bing and other major search engines togetther not reaching near to the no of searches of youtube daily.

If i write all advantages of youtube, this page is not enough. So, here i am to tell you, to make money on youtube or to create youtube videos you need not to be an expert in Photoshop and Video editing softwares. By simply following the step by step procedure of 3 softwares sequentially you can create wonderful youtube videos, those make you money. The process is simple and unique. I bet nobody may have not used this trick yet.

I call this tutorial-Create youtube current affairs.

Scope and Potential of this Product:

This video tutorial is useful in 196 countries  and to the people who are talking 6909 languages through out the world. Every country has states, every state has its own competitive exam, every competitive exam requires GK and current affirs. Not only that every state has its own entrance exam for their entry of universities.

To whom this product is for?

If you have a habit of reading paper/books and can prepare GK, Current affiars , Quiz questions in English or in your country language or in you local language in text, then this tutorial helps you to convert them to youtube videos and encash them.

Why should you consider this niche?

As there is somany concepts and monetisation ways in youtube, this niche is less competitive , especially when we talk about regional language…there would be less videos, so it will become easy to you to get more subscribers in less time. More subscribers means more views , more views means more money.

Offcourse you have many lot of other views of the softwares i mentioned in this tutorial.


What Software you need?

As i earlier mentioned one paid software to create Bulk images from Notepad and One free video recording software you need.

1. Instaquote-Bulk image creator software from Notepad.

More details of the software:

Buy link:


The actual cost of software is $27, there is 10 coupons with $15 discount available – so you can get INSTAQUOTE for ONLY 12$ The coupon code is: “insta15”. You need to apply this while you finish the payment.

What all this stuff about

(Below video is only for people who can understand Telugu-M regional Language), other persons who dont understand the language need not to worry as the inside tutorial(which you get after purchase) is prepared in English also.

Now you may get a doubt, if i know this is a wonderful niche then why i am telling this secret to you all ?

Because, out of 6909 spoken launguages in the world i can prepare youtube videos on this niche only in 3 languages, so my knowledge will be wasted/ or limited to an area even after having scope to reach the other corners of the world. So i am sharing this trick with you.

Now you may ask, you will get competition from telugu youtubers also?

Ofcourse, but i am damn sure,

  1. All telugu youtubers may not use my niche
  2. Those who buy this product and become competitors to me is not at all an issue because every person has his own way of teaching/explanation when communicating the same news. So i will have my own subscribers who like my style, so i dont worry if a 10k people may use the same trick against me.


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